Robert Caulfield: You in charge here?
Albain: See that sign there?
Robert Caulfield: Yes.
Albain: Well, read it.
Robert Caulfield: I did.
Albain: Out loud.
Robert Caulfield: A&A Crop Dusting Service.
Albain: You wanna know who I am?
Robert Caulfield: I bet you're one of the A's.
Albain: But which one? I bet you can't answer that question, smartass.
Robert Caulfield: The first one.
Albain: Wrong.
Robert Caulfield: Can I have one more guess?
Albain: You got it.
Robert Caulfield: The second one.
Albain: Wrong. I'm both of them. My name is AlBaine. Now, I got a son. You know, the other A was for him but he don't like to fly. He became a lawyer. I think he's a pervert so I took the A away from him. You want to speak to someone in charge, you're speaking to the both of them.
Robert Caulfield: My name is Caulfield.
Albain: Hey, I can't help that.